Wishing you a SAFE and Happy Holiday!

Wishing you a SAFE and Happy Holiday!

| December 19, 2019

Hello All!

As you know, our Holiday Season is here. There’s a few things to keep in mind while decorating your home or business. I know that many of us sure like to decorate for the season!

EXTENSION CORDS - Don’t put any extension cords under any carpeting, throw rugs, etc. This is a very big fire hazard.

AUTOMATED FIGURES - Make sure all automated figures, decorations are in good working condition.

HANDRAILS & WALKWAYS - Keep all outside and inside walkways and hand railings clear so you won’t trip and also so you can get a grip with your hands. Especially outside as it may be icy or snowy.

TREES - Keeping your trees well watered is a must! Not only will this help them to last longer, it will also be less of a fire hazard.

LIGHTS - Check all of your lights to make sure that no cords are frayed. If so, replace them. A good time to stock up on lights is right after Christmas. If you decorate with lights outside, make sure that you buy the correct lights so that they can withstand the weather.

SMOKE DETECTORS - Check all of your batteries in your smoke detectors so that they are all in good working order as well as the ones in your Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Most importantly, have a safe, happy & healthy holiday season. As the wreath on my front door says, HAPPY EVERYTHING!