Road Safety and Proper Insurance Help Protect the Motorcyclist

Road Safety and Proper Insurance Help Protect the Motorcyclist

| May 25, 2018

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and for good reason. Spring’s sunshine and warmer weather not only calls out green grass and flowers, it’s the long awaited siren call for motorcycle riders; they get back out on the road.

For all motorists, after a long winter with no bikes on the road, it’s easy to become complacent to the presence of motorcycles. Unfortunately, one harmless mistake in a vehicle can become a disastrous mistake for a motorcyclist. Please remember to stay alert and share the road responsibly. Follow these tips to keep the road safe for everyone on it:

  • Remember to double check before pulling out from a side road
  • Stay off mobile devices to avoid lane drifting and distracted driving
  • Allow plenty of follow space when behind them, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends 3 or 4 seconds for car & truck drivers.

Motorcycle Safety is a two way street. Riders themselves need to take precaution because they share in the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment on the road.

  • Take a defensive driving course
  • Wear protective gear, especially a DOT compliant helmet
  • Make yourself visible
  • Keep your motorcycle in good mechanical condition
  • Be aware of road hazards and weather situations.

We’d like to see everyone make it home at the end of the day. While practicing safe driving practices is the number 1 priority for everyone on the road, Motorcyclists also need to ensure they have the proper insurance coverage. For guidance on understanding and selecting the proper motorcycle insurance coverage for you and your bike, give us a call at 203-263-8881 or request a quote online. We’d love to hear from you because some of us here at Manzi Insurance ride too!