Some of the Strangest Things that have been Insured

Some of the Strangest Things that have been Insured

| February 09, 2023



When most people think about insurance, the first kind of policies that come to their minds are the ones that are protecting the assets that they work so hard for and those that protect their loved ones in the event of their death. Formally, these types of policies are known as, Auto, Home, Umbrella, Pet, Business, Health, and Life insurance. However, some policies have been written for situations you would never think of!


Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones playing the guitar

Let’s take The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards for instance, he had his middle finger insured for 1.5 million dollars! 


Bruce Springsteen singing and playing guitar

The famous singer Bruce Springsteen insured his raspy voice for 6 million dollars in case he loses his voice forever due to extraneous straining.

  Jennifer Lopez smiling at an award ceremony

This one may come as a surprise to you, but Jennifer Lopez has her buttock insured for 27 million dollars, isn’t that something? 


Body parts aren’t the only strange types of policies that have been written, Lloyd’s of London has written over 20,000 alien abduction policies! 3 insurance companies offer this type of policy, some have even stated that they have even paid out on claims! 


 Couple sitting together

Some insurance carriers offer coverage for your wedding day in case your future spouse gets cold feet. The company will pay the innocent party for wasted money, time, pain, and suffering!  


 Twins sitting in strollers

Ever heard of Twinsurance? Twinsurance is offered in some countries to reimburse pregnant mothers for added costs for the “unexpected” addition to the family!


Insurance isn’t as cookie-cutter as people may think it is, it is here to protect you in all aspects of your life - even the more unusual and interesting ones.  Have a question about insuring something special or unusual in your life? 

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  • Unique Event
  • Rare Item
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Art Collection

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