The Peace of Mind of an Umbrella Policy

The Peace of Mind of an Umbrella Policy

| April 18, 2019

With the forecast being what it is for the next few days it’s a good time to remind ourselves that “April showers bring May Flowers.” So, what better time is there to purchase an Umbrella than now?

… A Liability Umbrella that is! (Hey, this is an insurance blog after all).

Like a physical umbrella is built to protect you from the rain, a Personal Umbrella Policy is designed for your protection as well. This particular type of policy is a good idea for anyone looking to protect their assets and their future earnings. This is because the policy provides additional Liability Insurance that goes above and beyond the limits of the homeowners and auto policies you may already have. Once the underlying liability limit is exhausted on those policies, coverage under the Umbrella policy kicks in.

For example, You carry $300,000 of liability protection on your Auto Policy but are found liable for $1,000,000 after an at-fault accident. Your Umbrella policy would kick in to provide coverage for the additional $700,000 you are liable for. Without the Umbrella coverage your assets, such as your home and future earnings are put at stake.

What’s also great about Umbrella policies is that their premiums are relatively affordable. It may cost roughly $250 a year, or $20 per month to purchase a $1,000,000 in liability protection. This is a substantial amount of coverage for a fair price. Plus, it is often easy to add this coverage to an existing policy. Prices will vary depending on a variety of factors; like the number of vehicles you own, age of drivers, if you have a pool, own a dog, etc.

You may have heard that insurance gives you peace of mind - and it’s the Umbrella policy that can truly deliver on this. As the number of Liability Lawsuits continues to increase personal protection is needed more than ever. Provide yourself with the peace of mind offered through the coverage provided by an umbrella policy - CONTACT US TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE

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