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Your Best Friend Should Have the Best

Your Best Friend Should Have the Best

Meet Tommy. 

When Tommy was 12 he decided to get a bladder stone. Two vets, one emergency room visit, and one surgery later, the bills to save our Tommy were well over $3,500.

We did not have Pet Insurance at the time.  Looking back, if we had the insurance we would have been reimbursed for $2,650 of that $3,500!

We were lucky enough to have been able to pay the bill, between our funds and the help of family, but not everyone is always as lucky.  Sometimes people are forced into difficult decisions with their pets simply because they do not have the financial means to lose that kind of money out of their budgets.  

Of course we always hope insurance never has to be used, but isn’t it better to be safe rather than sorry?  Isn’t it better to be buried in fur and kisses rather than bills?  Pet insurance can help you get the quality care they need. It covers many services from Routine checkups to Emergency visits.

Pet Insurance is reasonably priced, and available in many convenient payment plans.  Your best friend should have the best.

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